So, it turns out that that annoying rash was actually an allergic reaction to an antibiotic... Did you know that you can take half a package of Benadryl in 24 hours?  I didn't know it before but I sure do now.  I attempted to get up off the couch and stop dozing and watching TV and I ended up woozy in the grocery store wondering if it was safe to drive home.  Luckily I made it.  Back to more television.

I had so much fun with my family this summer!  I hope we can all quit our jobs someday and just play at the beach all the time.  This picture is from our family trip to Arch Cape, Oregon this summer.  I'll post more pictures of our adventures soon.

On another happy note, this little girl is 11 months old today!  
Big things are ahead Vivian.  Next month you will be 1 and three days later I'll be 30!
Bad Decision No. 1

I moved to the desert.

I thought that the sunshine would make up for all of the negatives that come with living in the desert.  I was wrong.  I've known for a long time that I am allergic to the desert.  I thought that I was having a heart attack the first time I experienced allergies when I was a freshman at BYU.

Bad Decision No. 2

I got a flu shot.

In a desperate attempt to combat my allergies I headed into the student health clinic on Tuesday.  I had been sleeping for 9 hours a night and generally feeling horrible which is always a sure sign that I am getting sick.  I got a cold from my allergies last year that was literally the worst cold of my life.  Since I so rarely make it to the health center I decided to get a flu shot while I was there.

Bad Decision No. 3

I got out of bed yesterday morning.

I was so sick yesterday that my makeup looked like strange brown blotches on my face.  The combined effect of the allergies and the flu shot nearly did me in.  The only things that made yesterday worth it was the delicious gyro I ate at lunch made by the Armenians across the street from UNLV and this small bag of cookies that I found in my purse.

Bad Decision No. 4

I showed up for class this morning.

Class was cancelled, but in my general state of misery I had forgotten.  To add insult to my sick allergy ridden body, I woke up this morning to my face covered in a rash from the new acne medicine that the doctor gave me.  I'm sure it had more to do with my dry, sensitive skin than anything else, but waking up to a red blotchy face always improves your day...

Here's to only two more days left in the week and then a weekend of laying in my bed until I recover from my own bad decisions.
I have had a hard time coming to terms with the start of the school year tomorrow.  This morning when I eventually rolled out of bed I realized that I was finally ready for school to start again.  Tomorrow I don't have any classes but I start my externship (working for credit) with the UNLV General Counsel's Office.  I don't have any of my homework done for Tuesday but I'm sure I'll figure it out tomorrow.  Here's to the massive storm that we had tonight and the last day of summer!

I was walking out to my garage one morning last week and this is what the woods behind our condo looked like.  It was so serene and beautiful I had to take a picture. 

Today, it's raining.  It's been raining all week and they said that we have a new storm blowing in today.  Hopefully it will blow by quickly and we will be back to sunshine.
This is my beloved thermos.  My parents got it for me as a gift.  It holds three cups of warm steamy liquid that I can sip on as I freeze at work.  If you are in the market for a thermos, Stanley is the only brand to buy and they have it at Target!
I slid off the road on Monday morning on my way to the job site. I was moving into the next lane to pass a truck on my way up the pass when I hit a patch of ice. It had been slushing (fat rain, rain/snow mix). I have been driving a Ford Explorer while I am out of town because it has 4-wheel drive. Unfortunately the only thing that rolls more easily than a Ford Explorer is a 12 passenger van.  I remembered that as I was carreening out of control down the interstate and the only thing that I could think most of the time was "too fast, i'm sliding too fast."  I thought for sure that it would roll once I hit the gravel, but thankfully it didn't and I am alive to tell the tale.

That's where I left the road. 

 This is a 180 degree turn from the last picture.  It looks like I was going backwards when I came off the road and then finished turning.  I stopped against a barbed wire fence.

The damage.  Pretty much the only casualty was the tail light, and some gouges in the paint from the barbed wire.  I thought when I initially stopped that something was wrong with the front end, but the snow plow driver helped me drive it out and it seems to be running just fine.

As I was spinning I actually remembered to turn my wheels into the spin.  I would like to credit Austin for talking about turning into the slide and the physics involved over and over again.  It could have been the thing that stopped me from rolling.

After all was said and done and I was sitting at the job site I decided to give my mom a call and let her know what happened.  I said that it had to have been the hand of God that saved me from a roll over.  Then she told me what had happened the day before.  She and my Dad had accidentally fasted on Sunday thinking that it was fast Sunday.  When they had realised their mistake they shrugged it off and my uncle who was visiting my parents and had fasted with them commented that they must have needed to fast.  I'm glad that they did.  I am thankful for the extra protection from my parents faith.